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Yeah! I finally made the transition to wordpress after dragging my heels for so long. Apple made it super easy with iWeb and I had procrastinated far too long in making the change. With the help and patience of Marie at Lush Vitality the site is complete.

With international anti-spam laws in force, my ability to simply send you a quick email to let you know what’s happening in my kitchen and the vegan community will be restricted, unless you give me express consent, so… if you would like to receive updated blogs, please fill in the subscribe box!

It’s been quite a cooking journey, spanning continents and in numerous kitchens. I’m so fortunate to love what I do!  I enjoy sharing my passion for food, sharing my photos, blogs, recipes and insights.  I hope you’ll subscribe and continue to give me your feedback.

I continue to value your input and hope you will continue to share with me, as well.

Cook the path of least resistance, and always stir in lots of love!