Some feedback from clients and guests...

I just wanted to tell you that the party last night was superb!  It was definitely a successful event and I think all who were there, realized that it was because of all of your careful planning.  The food was wonderful.  But I expected that.  What impressed me was the total event, the tables, the flowers, the service, the timing. WOW. 

Congratulations on a successful gig last night!  Although I didn't see the food presentation, it looked like a fun time was had by all. Your tiers of hors d’oeuvre looked good and the plate garnish looked beautiful!  They also looked like they matched the decorations perfectly!  I thought it was interesting that her guest book was the exact color of the roses in the flower arrangements. Beautiful!

Your dinner last night was AMAZING!!

You and Robert out-did yourselves last evening. It was such a good party. And a few of the guests recognized you from other attaché events. You have a ‘great’ reputation. Thanks for all of your hard work, prep time and all the extras that you do. Our guest from Brazil last night said that he could tell the dinner was cooked with “love” because it had such  good flavors.  We received all rave reviews from our guests as they were leaving, and a good sign is that they were in no hurry to leave!

First of all, thank you for producing a fantastic meal last evening.  Overall, I felt the evening was a great success and, of course, the food is pivotal to that – so thank you: it was great.

This was in response to a gift-delivery:

Oh Jill you've been on my mind!! Our life is so packed at the moment.

Everything was great! The soup was the big hit, we actually ate it cold and loved it, every one down to our 20-month-old baby girl! They even ate the salad which they never do, not a mixed greens we are used to buying but will now. My favorite was the bean dish, too spicy for the kids but yummy for me.

Thanks for such a perfect gift in our lives at the moment. Definitely eased the fatigue of chemo week for all of us. 

The rave reviews are many - you have to trust me on that!!

CHEFinBERLIN ink ...

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